Girl Friday + Warehouse and Inventory Manager + Stylist

NakitaNakita came on board in the summer of 2011 after relocating to Perth from New Zealand (via the Whitsundays where she worked as a wedding stylist).

Realising her potential, Salli snapped her up immediately. Nakita’s friendly, warm and helpful manner means no request is too difficult. Her customer service and quality control of Touched by Angels’ range of irreplaceable products, is second to none.

5 Minutes With Nakita


Q1_lovesMy friends and family, especially my gorgeous little niece and nephews, baking (even if I can’t eat it) for anyone and everyone, photography (I prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it) and exploring new parts of Perth we have yet to see. Most of all making people happy, there’s nothing better than seeing a huge smile on someone’s face and knowing you’ve been part of that.

Q2_cantlivewithoutMy photos. I fear that as I get older my memory may begin to fade so I make sure I capture everything on film. So, if I do start to forget, I can just flick through my collection of beautiful pictures, smile and enjoy the memories. I make sure I have some type of camera on me at any given time!


Q3_weddingI’d be laid back with a country cottage feel. Outside in a meadow with handpicked flowers and lace.

Q4_angelBecause of my versatility, and ability to be able to do a little bit of everything. And if there’s time, being behind the camera lens to capture the magic of the day.

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