Our Story

The Short Story

We have a passion (secretly it’s an obsession) for love stories.

We believe love deserves to be celebrated and that celebration should be beautiful because…

events are better,
when they’re beautiful!

Events are better when they're beautiful!

The Long Story

Touched By Angels story is simple, it’s the oldest, most universal story ever told. It’s a love story. Touched By Angels is in love with, love. All types of love. Crazy, can’t live without each other love; the quiet love between a husband and wife on their 50th wedding anniversary; the overwhelming moment when a groom sees his bride for the first time; the indescribable bond between a mother and her child; the love of what you do – feeling passionate about your work every single day.

The team at Touched By Angels love what they do, and so will you. Every perfectly placed petal, flawlessly laid table and impeccably tied bow is done so with love, each and every time. The Angels delight in transforming a space, be it in a park, function room, restaurant or home, from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Combining elements such as crystal vases overflowing with blooms, luxuriously textured linens, carefully curated candles and fabulous furniture to create an event to be envied by all.

For creative director and owner Salli it was love at first sight. Since making the long-term commitment in 2000, Salli has continued to search, source and design new products and elements to complement each client’s unique love story. Her team of Angels are part of the affair and share her eye for the exquisite.

Like any long-term love affair, Touched By Angels understands the importance of keeping things fresh, and promise to create a breathtakingly beautiful event, as unique and personal as you are.

Touched By Angels would love to tell your story.